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Established in 2018, GAM cosmetics was borne through an inspiration that blossomed into a brand which has revolutionized the beauty industry in under a year. The founders, being Afghan in origin, came to the realization that Afghanistan did not yet have a cosmetic brand that was owned by Afghan artisans. Thus, through passion and sheer determination, they sought to fix the injustice with a cosmetics brand that is capable of competing with the best on an international scale.

Utilizing their skills, talents and experience, the partners came together. One is an internationally recognized musician artist; the second partner is a make-up artist; the third is an entrepreneur with a passion for beauty and creativity. Naturally, this led to a business which produces beautiful and creative products: GAM Cosmetics.

GAM Cosmetics was carefully constructed as a realization of their passion, dedication and desire to leave a legacy in the market and economy. It is their love for beauty, makeup and creativity that makes the company so successful. In essence, they represent the hope of women to find a product that speaks to their very need to feel gorgeous, special and radiant.

Through their location in Dubai. GAM Cosmetics is able to source the best quality material and hairs to forge their 3-D mink lashes. The entire process is cruelty free, and the company is excited about introducing innovative products, such as colored cosmetics, in the near future from the best ingredients Europe has to offer. Each lash is carefully constructed using only the finest materials available in the international industry.

GAM Cosmetics guarantees that every product they produce will make women feel special, confident, radiant and glamorous – it is the result, of creativity, a love and passion for the industry and a high regard of their clients.